Meteen naar de inhoud

The live Bowie Podcast


We play live music in a very special way and it sounds awesome but between songs we’ll explain how David Bowie worked. Who were his heroes? Who influenced the Thin White Duke. Believe me, it is not an annoying long story telling but a interactive way of gigging.

Do you know why Bowie sang “put on your red shoes and dance the blues” ? Do you know which artists are influenced by Bowie? Do you know which bands plays music from Bowie in their live sets? Who was the producer from Lets Dance? Why was David wearing an eye patch in the Jean Genie video? Who were influenced by this video clip?

We’ll explain all about this so it is not only Bowie but sometimes Rock & Roll, Funk or Rock from other artists. We are sure you’ll like it!

If you are a Bowie fan you must see this but if you are the partner of a Bowie fan and not a die hard fan you will like it too. To be honest, everyone will like it!